Purple Mermaid Shell Bra Top

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Sea And Be SeenWith mermaid trends on the rise, it's getting harder and harder to find an authentic shell bra these days! Supplies are dwindling


As if you mermaids didn't have it hard enough

But not as tough as it is to drill holes in exactly the right places, and to string twine through at just the right angle for support, and...well, you get it

Crafting a good seashell bra takes a lot of work!Product DetailsThis Purple Mermaid Shell Bra Top takes all the uncertainty out of finding that perfect top

How's that for being mer-made for you nbsp Mer-Self CareIt can be stressful being a mythical mermaid in a modern world

It's perfectly symmetrical and perfectly shaped, and it comes in an eye-catching iridescent purple hue, too

So take heart in the fact that you can slip on this stunning shell bra, splash into the sea, and retreat to the realm you reign over so beautifully. nbsp

You have to deal with people trying to snap your photo all the time

You have to keep up with your lustrous, beachy locks. nbsp And you have to manage that unwieldy fishtail! Finding a good top should be the least of a mermaid's worries. nbsp Sure, you could try to make one, but have you ever really looked for two nbsp identical seashells on the beach It's tough

You have to remain mysterious